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Kiting the Beginning of Paramotor Life

March 19, 2023

Kiting gives you the oppotunity to introduce yourself to your wing and profoundly teaches you the characteristics of your wings movement in the sky.

I remember the unboxing of my Dudek Universal 1.1 25.5. The crispiness of the wing, the krinkle sound, and the fresh smell all excited me too much on January 29th, 2022. Equipped only with the knowledge of YouTube videos and my Paramotor Bible, by Jeff Goin, I was ready to start kiting. What is kiting? Kiting is the practice of putting your wing over your head and gently putting inputs into the brakes to keep the wing in the air with control.

Every school will have you put many hours learning how to kite. Kiting is the foundation of paramotoring. Experts will tell you to Kite, Kite and Kite some more. I admit, I need to do more. I think I will commit to always pulling out my kiting harness and practicing for a while before I launch. I noticed that most pilots around here forward launch and rarely reverse launch. Reverse launching is excellent because you can pull up your canopy and inspect the wing and lines.

I would like to save you some grief. Not every wing is equal when it comes to kiting. While my Universal 1.1 is highly acclaimed paramotor glider, it is not the best tool for kiting. Some people purposely buy wings made only for kiting. Ozone Roadrunner ground handling wing. While other wings are just simply easier to kite with. If you have the opportunity to play around with other peoples gliders, then do so to understand the differences. I will stick with my wing because it is the one I fly. Just giving you a tip not to get frustrated because it may just be the wing you are practicing with. Kiting is hard in the beginning but then gets easier.

Make sure you understand how to kill your wing in the event of a wind gust. I actually have a scar from the wing taking off and the line running across my leg. Pretty. Ensure you have your helmet on and you are in a large open space when practicing. Finally, nill wind kiting is difficult but important to learn. This will help you nil wind launch.

Happy Kiting!

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