Paramotor Fun.

All your life you knew you were missing something. You could not put your finger on it.

Get High
In the Rocky Mountains

Experience the beauty, the flow of air through your hair, the serenity.

Back of Tornado 280

Come fly Colorado

We love the paramotor community and find that flying with like minded pilots make the experience better.

There are several ways to connect. Telegram, and then join group CO PPG Adventures with link Here is another group, Rocky Mountain Aero Squadron, on Facebook.

My Mission

  • Blog interesting and helpful articles

  • Vlog entertaining videos

  • Introduce you to the community

  • Fly with you

  • Promote safe PPG flying

But I Have Questions

We Have Answers

What is a

Paramotor, powered paragliding or PPG are synonymous.


What if the
motor quits?

A pain in the A$$. As far as safety, you glide down for a landing.


Are you
people crazy?

YES, but thousands of sane people fly paramotors.

Our Video

The Freedom and Adventure

Colorado Pilots

Frequent Flyers


Altitude, XC Pilot


Acro, foot drag Pilot


PG, PPG, Acro Trike Pilot


Acro, Helicopter Pilot


The Gift of Flight


Eagle Paramotor

Boss Man

The Boss


Lawn Chair Aviation

Challenging the business to create innovative.

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Foot Launch Pilot

Flying a paramotor provides a sense of freedom and adventure as you soar through the air, enjoying the view from above. It's a unique way to experience the world around you. Hanging out at 8000' mean sea level (msl) enjoying the Colorado rocky mountains.


Foot Launch Pilot

With a paramotor, you can take off and land from almost anywhere, giving you the flexibility to explore a wide variety of landscapes and terrain.


Trike Pilot

There is a strong community of paramotor enthusiasts who share a love of flying and often gather together to fly in groups or attend events. This community provides a sense of camaraderie and support for those who share the same passion for flying a paramotor.