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About the Site Stanomatic!

Your Not Living Until You are Flying

Over the years I have done many exciting activities. A passion of mine since I was a young boy was that I always wanted to fly. 2008 I engaged in a couple of training flights with an ultralight. The ultralight was a hanglider with a motor. In 2011 I started my private pilot lessons. I went as far as landing the plane but the cost was out of my reach while rasing my five kids. I parked the flying idea until my kids were grown and I went tandem paragliding in 2021 with my friend Chad. I was hooked.

I bought a used Air Conception Tornado 280 paramotor off of eBay and completely tore the engine apart. Replaced a few parts and reassembled it. They say if you are a paramotor pilot then you are a paramotor mechanic. The wing was a brand new Dudek Universal 1.1 25.5. I started kiting and self-trainig. After a horrible first launch attempt where I never got off the ground, I then pursued training and completed my PPG2 certification with primary instructor Tom Pitchford: Eagle Paramotor, and special thanks for additional training from Keith Klein: Lawn Chair Aviation and Dustin OHara: Rocky Mountain Paramotor here in Colorado.

About the Name Stanomatic

The name was coined for me when I competed on the paintball fields back in 1989. The name stuck with me until this day.

This Site Goals

  • Promote Safe Powered Paragliding (PPG)

  • Help connect local pilots

  • Blog my experiences with other like minded people

  • Share my adventures with my family and friends


The first skill to master is kiting.


Don't panic, the wing gradually floats down to the ground.

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